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Deer River, MN. June 1st, 2023. 
For Immediate Release:

After 44 years of serving the music industry, Deer River Folio Co.  announces its agreement to transfer all assets to Small World in June 2023.

Upon completion of the transaction and relocation of equipment and materials, will be servicing all manufacturing and order fulfillment of Deer River Folio customers as well as providing the same quality and service you have come to expect over the many years.

DEER RIVER FOLIO CO. was the brainchild of an Illinois musician who conceptualized the “Cadillac of Folios” and began manufacturing in his garage. In the beginning, the product was simple but made for the performer. As demand for folios grew and new designs were requested, his garage facility became obsolete, and he opted to move his business to the northern Minnesota city of Deer River. Thus, the name “DEER RIVER FOLIO” was born.  In 1979 the present owners purchased the company and ushered in years of expansion of product lines, new materials, and international marketing. Our folios continue to be the finest in the world.

Deer River Folio would like to thank all our loyal customers for the many years of business support as well as friendship.

For more information or questions, please contact Ian Bullen at (who cautions that all things DRF will be on hold as they move the bindery) and integrate DRF products, and set up back-order fulfilment in the same sequence of priority.