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Prices and Shipping

Credit card payment when you buy music folders online is accepted from the following cards: Visa/Visa debit, MasterCard/debit MasterCards, and American Express. Purchase Orders, cheques, and other payment methods are available also as detailed elsewhere but require signed confirmation of our invoice so will be less quick than using a card to pay immediately at the shopping cart online.

Folder Prices

All pricing information on this page are provided in Canadian dollars. Look up at the top left of the page to the selection box to correctly select your region for appropriate currency and pricing.

General Information

Discounts apply to volume orders on our music folders and most of our music accessories. Discounts are per item so you must have a quantity of 15 of an item before you will see the shopping cart reflect the appropriate discount.

  • A 4% discount applies to items at quantity 15-34.
  • A 6% discount applies to items at quantity 35-49.
  • A 8% discount applies to items at quantity 50-74.
  • A 10% discount applies to items at quantity 75-124.
  • An 11% discount applies to items at quantity 125-199.
  • A 12% discount applies to items at quantity 200 and higher.

You can (and should) add items into the on-line shopping cart to obtain on-line quotes and to determine your savings per folder. It will also calculate your shipping to the penny for various shipping service levels. When you are at the detailed information page for any item, pressing "Order Now" lets you add any custom options and then "Add to Cart", where you can update quantity and shipping method too, and see the whole order priced to the penny.

Table 1. Available Options

Any combination of the following options is possible on certain folders.

Option Price
2-, 3-, or 4-ring removable adaptor + $1.50
Extra cords (to total 20) + $1.50
Clear pocket for programmes (already included in the Choralex Compact and RingBinder folders) + $1.50
Foil-stamp imprinting See foil-stamp imprinting information after pressing "Order Now".

Shipping and Handling

General Notes

Many tons of music folders are shipped world-wide every year, and excellent shipping rates are available to you. The shipping is calculated based on a correctly entered address. The shippers chosen give you the best value.

You will receive superb customer service. Special shipping arrangements can be made, to the point of driving urgent shipments to the airport as late as 6 PM EST for delivery the next morning in Canada or continental USA. The owner's mobile phone, for such emergencies, is +1 (604) 970-5489.

Payment by credit card allows orders that are typically packaged and in transit to you within 1 business day, assuming there is no custom imprinting. There's no "4-to-6 week" nonsense here, we manufacture for the world and keep thousands of folders in stock.

Your courier shipments can be tracked over the Internet as your order is en route to you. A tracking number is automatically emailed to you with Ground and Air shipments with tracking data available from the evening of the day your shipment departs. Exception: Tiny items like a single ring adaptor or PocketTone pitch pipe go as small packets within the mail system and don't generate tracking numbers.


The following shipping options are available for our customers in Canada:

Method Delivery Estimate
CANADA POST Expedited Parcel 4-6 business days
CANADA POST Xpresspost 2-5 business days
CANADA POST Priority 1-2 business days
UPS Standard 2-10 business days
UPS Express Saver 1-2 business days
FEDEX Express Saver 4-6 business days
FEDEX Priority 2-10 business days
FEDEX Standard 3-4 business days

 United States

These are the shipping options that are available for our US customers:

Method Delivery Estimate
Expedited Parcel USA 4-7 business days
Xpresspost USA 2-5 business days
UPS Standard 2-10 business days
UPS Express 2-4 business days
UPS Saver 2-4 business days
FEDEX International Economy 2-7 business days
FEDEX International Priority 1 business day

International (i.e. everywhere except USA and Canada)

The following shipping options are available for our clients anywhere except USA and Canada:

Method Delivery Estimate
International Parcel Surface 5-9 WEEKS
Xpresspost International 4 business days
Priority Worldwide Parcel International 2-3 business days
UPS Saver 1-4 business days
UPS Express 1-3 business days
FEDEX International Economy 5-9 business days
FEDEX International Priority 4-6 business days

We can't recommend surface shipping highly, we just put it there because people assume it is much less expensive. It's truly slow (5 to 9 weeks), and we can't even submit a tracing request on a delivery that is late, until 30 days have passed from the latest expected delivery date. We recommend our courier Air services which are there in 2-4 business days and almost the same price.

Your country may add Value-Added Tax and/or duty to the folders. They may charge a brokerage fee to enter your goods into the country. You are responsible for these charges. We can't keep track of customs rules world-wide but can sometimes tell you what to expect, based on the latest information available, and UPS service guides for your country.

The Customs Tariff Classification for "The Black Folder", in the Harmonised System, is H.S. 4820.30. "Folders - paper or paperboard". Your customs office should be able to use that information to tell you what duty and/or Value-Added Tax may apply.

Distributors are needed in all countries to speed delivery and to keep shipping costs as low as possible with bulk shipping. Please give your local music store the information from this website, and ask them to contact Ian Bullen for distribution information. If you're a music store owner, you may apply for distributorship here.