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Save 25%, or even 50%, on the world's best choir folders...

We manufacture tens of thousands of music folders each year - and we have a high bar for quality control. Our inspectors separate "factory second" music folders from our production. Their issues are minor, but they're simply not perfect enough to be called the world's best. These are known as our "Grade A" factory seconds. "Grade B" seconds might have more visible issues. However, "Grade B" most frequently perfect folders with incorrect or imperfect foil-stamping (which is easily blacked out with a felt pen!).

Choir directors sometimes purchase full orders of our factory seconds, which allows them to enjoy savings of hundreds of dollars on music folders that still leave their choirs singing joyfully - and more comfortably than ever before.

We typically discount ~25% on "Grade A", and ~50% on "Grade B" factory second folders. Scroll down down the page for full descriptions.

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  • Grade B Grade B: The Deluxe Black Folder
  • Grade B Grade B: Choir RingBinder (1" rings)
  • Grade B Grade B: Choir RingBinder (1.5" rings) with Two Expanding Pockets
  • Grade B Grade B: Choir RingBinder with Two Expanding Pockets
  • Grade B Grade B: Band and Orchestra Folder

Regular Folder Options:

  • Ring Adaptors
  • Extra Cords Cordset
  • A dozen Magazine Holders
  • A dozen Pencils
  • Clear Leaflet Pocket - 9"x4"

Description of Factory Seconds:

"Grade A"

These might have minor marks, scratches, or tiny tears on the inside (often from a mis-positioned adhesive pocket), or they don't close perfectly even - at least not to our strict quality standards. Their outsides may have extremely minor markings as well. Sometimes their hand straps have been refurbished or their rivets have been replaced - with a bit of reinforcing, if necessary, applied to the inside.

"Grade B"

The most frequent characteristic of Grade B folders are misprinted foil stamping - which is easily blacked out. Although these folders are perfect folders aside from the foil imprinted on them, they may also have a slightly wider range of quality issues - they might perhaps be a little more marked up on their outer surface. The erroneous imprinting most frequently takes place in only a single location, but it is possible it could appear in up to three locations, such as choir name, singer name, and the music folder number. As previously stated, a felt pen can effectively cover the gold foil so well that it is almost unnoticeable - and certainly not from the audience.

All factory second folders have our regular folder options (removable rings; extra cord; clear pocket) available for addition - but of course these newly added options are at regular price.

I'm so confident that you'll be happy with them that I'm extending our 30-day full merchandise refund policy to all grades of factory seconds this year. In the nearly unthinkable chance that you'd prefer not having any factory seconds once you've seen them, you are welcome to return them according to our RMA shipping instructions for full merchandise refund (exclusive of shipping).

- Ian Bullen

President, Small World Inc.

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Volume Discounts Available

First price break at 15. Larger orders of our music folders are eligible for discounts up to 12%.

Discounted Factory Seconds

Save on Folders!

During our quality control process, we take folders that don't meet our exceptional quality control standards and offer them to you at bargain prices -- from 25% to 50% off!


  • Choir RingBinder
  • iPad Music Folder
  • Choir RingBinder with Two Expanding Pockets

Volume Discounts (per identical line item)

Individual orders: Yes! You can order just one...but consider taking two, or a few with friends, to quickly save when sharing shipping.

Group orders: When you place an order for as little as 15 (*identical*) folders, we extend quantity discounts:

Normal price applies to orders with fewer than 15 folders

(Tip: order with friends and save on shipping!)

4% discount applies to items at quantity 15-34.

6% discount applies to items at quantity 35-49.

8% discount applies to items at quantity 50-74.

10% discount applies to items at quantity 75-124.

11% discount applies to items at quantity 125-199.

12% discount applies to items at quantity 200 and higher.

As you order, set the quantity first if you are customizing many folders with repeated imprinting (i.e. a group name or logo).

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